Weekly photo challenge – Numbers


I spent a lot of time recently driving back and forth between two towns that were about 1 and 1/2 hours apart. Small green signs on the side of the road appeared every 5 kilometers. They became surrogate markers of the passage of time – “60” meant one third of my travel had elapsed; “45”, one half; followed by “nearly there”; and finally, “just another 15 minutes to go”.

For this week’s Daily Press photo challenge, we were asked to think about Numbers.

On one of those drives back and forth, I took this photo of an old style road marker while taking a break from counting down the green signage.  It now sits in a park, not far from the side of the road.

I prefer these old style posts. They date back to a time when Australia was crisscrossed by miles rather than kilometers. One appeared every mile, and it showed both how far you’d traveled and how far still to go, depending on your angle of approach.

The past and future, side by side, showing their precise relationship in a present moment.

Thankfully, a few survive to remind us that life is not always one-way.



2 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Numbers”

  1. Yousuf Bawany Avatar

    Such a heart-felt entry filled with nostalgia; makes me want to see more of your work.

    I’ll be following you from now on. Have an amazing day! 🙂


  2. tms Avatar

    I do like your way of looking at numbers.


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