If we were having coffee …

… I’d be eager to finish, scull the dregs, and get back to the work bench.  You’d like to hang around? That would be fine, but you might find my conversational skills, while usually awkward, are absolutely useless when I’m sewing.

It’s not quite a zen state.  I won’t dish the religious experience of the Zen Buddhists by claiming that.

It is, however, very focused. Your game!  OK then.

This shirt has been sitting here for weeks, waiting patiently. It’s finally getting some attention because I tore a sleeve last week, un-repairable. There are now only two work shirts left in the cupboard. No choice, I have to get this one finished.

No, I’m not that clever. This seam over here is my rather amateurish handiwork. I buy two shirts and then remodel them into one. The result is a shirt that has a professional collar and neat buttonholes, that is now long enough and wide enough to cover my over-sized tush, and I didn’t have to start from scratch.

Ouch. Opps. Pin slipped. Careful where you step.

Although, my next two are a little different. I bought a couple during the week that are way too big. Like really really too big. Fingers crossed for a bit of creative inspiration when I’m cutting them down to size!

Actually, there is something you can help me with …

Those boxes … I want to go through all the fabric in them … sort it out … see what’s useful. You have a lovely sense of style.  I’d be interested in your ideas. We could do that now, if you like?

Ouch. There’s another one.

Careful where you step.




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