If we were having coffee …

… and you asked me how my day’s been, I’d have to reply “Bloody Brilliant” with an exclamation-mark tone to my voice.

You know I’m not given to swearing, so clearly it’s been an unusually good day.

Some days are turning points, you know. There are those we have no say in. Change happens and we work out how to deal with it. Then there are those, like today, where it feels right to move onto a new path.

Well, I might be overstating it. It’s not really a new path, just one I haven’t had a chance to travel for a few weeks. But it is new, of a sort, because when I got back to my old routine, I did things a bit differently.

You gotta take whatever opportunity you can, that’s what I’ve worked out these last few years.

Two things converged. Mum got back on her feet, and I’ve got a rental inspection coming up. That means I don’t have to worry so much about Mum, she’s even driving by herself again, and I have to get my house back in order before the real estate agent walks through with her checklist.

No, Mum didn’t mess up my house. I’ve been travelling a lot and let things go a bit.

You’d think with this level of enthusiasm I must’ve done some great stuff today. Not really. Cut my hair, successfully. Moved some furniture around, successfully. Cleared off a layer of dust from the technology, shiny. Hemmed a sheet, neat. Mashed some clay into a new piece of pottery, not quite finished yet. Drafted a blog post, ready for a proof read. Started making a new shirt.

By tackling a little bit of so many things, rather than a whole lot of one thing, I feel like I’ve made significant progress. I’ve proved to myself it can be done. I feel pumped, as they say.

The one thing I deliberately didn’t do was the kitchen … so we probably wouldn’t be having a coffee.




2 responses to “If we were having coffee …”

  1. KJoyWrites Avatar

    You supply the company and conversation and I’ll bring the coffee or tea in my case and help clean the kitchen. Great post.


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      A tea would be fine in my case as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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