Weekly photo challenge – Optimistic


We have been packing for months and finally, on Monday, we move into a new building. Moving is not pleasant. Sure, there’s the possibility of new and exciting things that might now happen that wouldn’t necessarily have happened. But it’s also a worry.

It seems I lean a little towards the pessimistic.

I can tell this from the photos I’ve been taking the last week or so. Each day, I’ve been snapping something that catches my attention and posting them to my Everyday site.

Looking back over them was a revelation.


It was all a bit dark. Even trying to turn my camera to nature resulted in this image of flowers torn from their life source by one of our native birds on a feeding frenzy.



And then the weekly challenge popped up.  Optimistic!

Why not, I thought to myself, give it a go; on Saturday, head out and bag yourself a photo that describes how I ‘fuel the fires of optimism’.

Unfortunately, the best I could find …


… was a rye attempt at optimism on the part of the person who positioned this public sculpture outside the backdoor of an office building. This is the building we are moving into.

On the way back home, I decided I would create a bit of optimism for myself. I called into the garden centre and bought two new plants for my garden.

BUT … try as I might, my attempts to turn them into a photo of optimism just wouldn’t work. I gave up finding anything for this photo challenge. Evidently, I was too far gone. Pass me another probiotic!

And them, on an unscheduled walk up Blue Metal Road on Mt Majura this evening, I tried once again to pull a photo out of an old tree stump. Perhaps the overcast sky would work in my favour this time.

Ignoring the rubbish delicately deposited in its base, I moved my camera in closer, hoping to get something of the texture of the old wood. I tried a few angles to change the shape of the light coming through the split on the other side.

A few moments later, it occurred to me that I might have my optimistic shot … ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’?







What are your thoughts?

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