Weekly photo challenge – Weight(less)


Looking at photos of flight reminded me of a recent visit to a museum.  It was in its very early days of development, and the artful display of objects was yet to occur. This made taking photos difficult. Big objects and not enough space.  Unhelpful lighting. I struggled to find a defining image for the visit.

Instead, I came away with a number of photos that chopped up these mighty machines.

This week’s Daily Press photo challenge – weight(less) – asks us to show gravity at its most unforgiving or most generous. In these types of challenges, we could look for images that denote the idea, that present the idea of weight or weightlessness literally.  Or, we could look for images that carry a connotation of this idea, that present an emotional or imaginative association that surrounds these words.

(I’ve always wanted to understand the difference between those two words – denote and connote – and today, with a bit of dictionary digging, I’ve finally done it!)

For this week’s photo challenge, I’ve assembled a selection of shots that I hope present an emotional association to our relationship with gravity; all were taken at the flight-museum-in-the-making where literal was not an option.

What are your thoughts?

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