End of Liveability


The Year of Liveability went astray.  Not in a bad way.  It just didn’t run to plan.  And that’s OK.  Almost.

The lofty idea was to track down those liveability indexes that organisations use to compare countries and cities. The indexes are supposed to rank places as more liveable, less liveable. I wondered if any could be applied, or adjusted to apply, to an individual life.

Instead, I started thinking about worth.

Itemised Worth

An expected outcome for this year was an organised house. After all, it is where I live. I needed a schematic to help me decide what stays, what goes. On thinking things through, everything seemed to revolve around the idea of worth.

Now there’s a funny looking word – worth.  It doesn’t look so bad in worthwhile, but on its own it looks a bit cavernous, the little o dominates beyond its apparent size, as if the other letters are desperately trying to avoid being pulled into it.

Perhaps part of my procrastination was simply resisting the gravitational pull of a black hole – the letter o – lest I overdo the clearing out.

Nevertheless, thankfully, much was achieved.

Physically Liveable

Pile of papers

There are now spaces and spots cleared of years of accumulated non-living. It wasn’t that I was lazy or sloppy. I devoted four years to part-time study. The cost was not only financial. Stuff just didn’t get done.

Now some of it has been organised – that’s outcome number one – and some still waits patiently for my attention – that’s outcome number two.

Interestingly, the year can be divided into three outcomes.

Liveably Thinking

MemoryA lot of posts this year were about motivation, and a few more were about patterns of thinking. That got me thinking (again) about the liveability indexes.

When a city is ranked as highly liveable, it means the residents don’t have to expend as much energy on motivation. Everything is easy. Easy to get to places. Easy to access the internet. Easy to get healthy food. Easy to breath.

The amount of energy we spend motivating ourselves is an indication of how liveable our individual lives are.

Living Forward

Vision Board

The year may be ending but the impact and ideas roll forward into the next.  I will take with me the idea of worth, where objects and actions can be categorised as either:

♦  Unnecessary, Loose

♦  Unnecessary (to some) but Worthwhile (to me), Keep

♦  Necessary, Make it Worthwhile

♦  Lost but Worth Re-Instating

To that I now add the idea of motivation. Why am I reluctant? Can this be easier?

That was the third outcome.

As ever, onward.

Liveability 1



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