Weekly photo challenge – Opps


I thought I’d have nothing to contribute. The aim has been to learn from my Opps moments and move on, and in this digital age “moving on” means deleting the dodgy photos.

So where to find something for this week’s  Opps Daily Press’ photo challenge?

In the old print days, there would be a large number of unsuccessful 6x4s in every packet I picked up from the photo shop. In a desperate attempt at resolution, many would be saved as possible fodder for a photo-collage. There’s still a box of them over there on the shelves.  Perhaps I could dig something out and scan it?

Instead, a recent conversation with a work colleague springs to mind. We’ve been having a big clean out, getting ready to move to a new building. The amount of rubbish that’s being tossed is ridiculous. Years of inefficient accumulation.

He moaned about the inefficiency. (There was a lot of moaning about waste from a number of people. I nodded in agreement.) I reminded him that if we were all efficient there would be no creativity and no innovation.

So, when browsing my photo archive, it is that conversation that draws my attention to this photo of my jeans. Clearly, it did not get deleted. It wasn’t an accident; it was an opportune moment with my feet up while messing about with my phone.

It is the creative result of cumulative accidents over the years that have taught me to look for interest and intrigue in unusual places.

Hail the Opps!


Blue Denim






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