Chopping up aeroplanes


Have you noticed that sometimes you return with a nice selection of photos and sometimes you don’t?  I think it’s just not as easy when the location isn’t photogenic.  It takes a bit more effort.

On this particular day, my photos of aircraft just didn’t sing.  The planes weren’t arranged on the hanger floor in a visually appealing way, which is probably not surprising as they were in pieces.  Long shots weren’t possible, so I opted for close ups and hoped for interesting patterns.

This was in stark contrast to an event I stumbled upon a few years ago, where the helicopter took off from the grounds of the Australian War Memorial.  The crew donned their helmets, attached their safety harnesses and leant out the open doorway to wave goodbye.  I was startled not by the daredevil nature of their departure but by the visual arrangement – three chaps, all at varying heights – much the way we might arrange nick-nacks on the sideboard.  Turns out, these events are orchestrated photo opportunities.  It’s pure public relations.  It might have helped if I had a camera with me.

The point is … good photos get shared.

On another occasion, I was so disappointed at the signs recommending walkers “Take Your Photo Here”.  The inclusion of signage in a nature walk walks a fine line between helpful and tacky.  This was tacky commercialism; the signs were sponsored by Kodak.

When organising a public event, do you first wander around with camera in hand to see how it might look on social media?  A bit of forethought will allow visitors to look back in delight, marvel at their own (unexpected) expertise and happily promote your event for you.


So, what to do with my bits of aircraft?

I decided to crop them even further.


Aircraft museum 4


Aircraft museum 1


Aircraft museum 3


Aircraft museum 2






What are your thoughts?

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