Back on track


So, with daylight hours lengthening, and waking only three times last night, what can I do today to get this Year of Liveability back on track?

As is often the case, for me anyway, winter had sent the current new year’s resolution into hibernation.  It wasn’t helped by a general lack of sleep on my part.  Waking five or six times a night doesn’t help anyone’s motivation.

So, what next?

The first idea was a list.  I thought about walking around the house and making a To Do list.  And then I looked around and realised that it would be a very big list, very difficult to prioritise, with many things all claiming for equal attention.

The second idea was to start in one corner.  I thought I could tackle one corner in its totality.  By that I mean sort, toss, clean, re-pack and use.  The “use” bit is very important.  It gives a sense of completion.

So, which corner?

Easy choice.  The pottery corner.  I’d bought a pottery magazine during the week to help with the motivation and consequently got all enthused.


Back on track


Next corner?  The lounge room.




What are your thoughts?

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