Walk Number 5b – Black Mountain Peninsula


After the dramatic colours of last weekend’s walk around Acton Peninsula, I was anticipating a return to nature on Black Mountain Peninsula.  As I looked across the water last weekend, it certainly looked well vegetated.

Looking back towards Acton Peninsula, I could see how I was led astray. This side is planted with many trees.  However, this is a  picnic and recreational area designed for families.  Lots of grassy open spaces and a brightly coloured play space.  There’s even a small beach.

It wasn’t the weather for swimming today, or for walking either.  The peninsula is designed for summer, with the side that’s open to the on-shore breezes not as densely planted, leaving it a little too bitter for a wintery June.


Black Mountain Peninsula 1
Winter’s morning light dancing across eucalypts.


Orange and Yellow Circles

Click any Orange and Yellow Circle image to open the gallery.  The Esc key returns you to this page.


Black Mountain Peninsula 4
Thankfully, it doesn’t look as suggestive as I thought it might! The posts near the entrance to the children’s playground were painted to look like giant pencils.


Black Mountain Peninsula 2
Canberra is a mix of native and deciduous trees. I’m not fond of the mix during autumn (the colours seem to clash), but winter produces some delightful patterns.


Series Notes

I’m drawing my walking inspiration from Marion Stuart’s “Canberra’s Best Bush, Park & City Walks”, published by Woodslane Press Pty Ltd.  The book contains details of 49 walks of varying lengths and grades.  I’m counting this one as “5b” because it was included as a variation, an add-on, for Walk Number 5 in the book.


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