Walk Number 5a – Acton Peninsula


The stand out images from today’s walk around Acton Peninsula have as their theme the choice of perspective.

I knelt down a little more often than is usual to find a different viewpoint.  I noted the dramatically different images I got when I changed where I stood.  And I abandoned the view finder when walking under the archway just before you reach the National Museum’s main entrance, sweeping my arm through the air, clicking the shutter button as I went.

For many reasons, this walk was about adaptability.  Buildings have been built since my map had been published, with some access points no longer providing access.


NMA Bus Stop Seating
As low as I decided to go to view the seating at the bus top near the entrance to the National Museum of Australia.


Acton Peninsula - Rear NMA 1
From this standpoint, the sculpture appears at one with the rubbish skip …


Acton Peninsula - Rear NMA 2
… but a few steps on, it sits instead with a grove of snow gums, at the point of transition between nature and the hard edged buildings of the museum.


The Red Arch

Click any Red Arch image to open the gallery.  The Esc key returns you to this page.


Acton Peninsula - Stencil Art
The placement of this stencil is redeemed by its message … “We are not our failures”!  This time I remembered to check for oncoming bicycles before I knelt down on the bike track.


NMA Exterior Walls
The willingness to see the world through a different viewpoint requires a willingness to be adaptable.


Series Notes

I’m drawing my walking inspiration from Marion Stuart’s “Canberra’s Best Bush, Park & City Walks”, published by Woodslane Press Pty Ltd.  The book contains details of 49 walks of varying lengths and grades.  I’m counting this one as “5a” because I’ve still to tackle the neighbouring Black Mountain Peninsula.




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