Weekly photo challenge – Broken


So often, the disappointment is quickly bundled off to the trash.  Occasionally, the disappointment is so great that sitting and wallowing seems the only option.

In the old days, broken was repaired.

Although, this one really wasn’t worth repairing.  It was one of my larger wheel-turned bowls.  An early one where I had not moved enough clay higher and wider.  It was very heavy for its modest size.

And then it broke.  I put the pieces in the bucket labelled “One day, these will be a mosaic”.

This bucket contains a few pieces I didn’t really like and, one day, will deliberately smash.  One day.  Though looking at them today, perhaps some aren’t as rough as I first thought.

But the point of today is to consider what it might mean to photograph the broken.

Perhaps it’s an opportunity to face one’s disappointment, to salvage something from the pieces,  or to prevent wallowing?  It’s impossible to wallow with a camera in your hand.

Perhaps it’s an opportunity for creative play, to practice problem solving, or to deliberately focus on one task for an extended period?  Until the result feels right.

The broken reveals something new.


Broken Revealed



What are your thoughts?

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