Walk Number 4b – Scrivener Dam


The longest of my weekend walks yet.  Progress.  This walk took in more of Canberra’s infrastructure, accompanied by a glimpse from afar of the old world as symbolised by the Governor-General’s residence.

When looking over today’s photos, I saw a strong use of line in the final selections for this post.


Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam commenced operation in September 1963.


Scrivener Dam Hand Rail
Detail from the hand rail across Scrivener Dam.


Scrivener Dam Overflow Pond
Overflow pond on the working side of Scrivener Dam.


Lady Denman Rd Culvert 2
Detail from one of the underpasses … under … Lady Denman Drive.


Lady Denman Rd Culvert 1
More detail from one of the underpasses. It was a little dark, so I leant up against the spider web covered wall, braced my head against the corrugated iron arching above me, held my breath and took the photo.


Warrina Inlet Bridge
My destination for this walk, the wooden bridge over Warrina Inlet. At this point, I put the camera away, turned around and walked back to the car near the dam wall.


This walk took me across a road I haven’t seen since I was about 10 years old.  The family was travelling from Parkes to Sussex Inlet for a holiday.  It was the first drive through Canberra, and the first encounter with Canberra’s circle roads.  It was five times around one of those circles before the required off road was found.  The map was quite clear.  The street name was known.  But, as Dad explains, it wasn’t until the traffic light turned red, forcing us to stop, that he stumbled upon the street sign … stuck on the wall of a building.  Not exactly where any of us were looking.

Then, somehow, we ended up on what Mum describes as a country road but that didn’t go anywhere.  We found ourselves looking at a set of very grand gates.  Very grand.  So grand that I was sure we’d get into trouble.

Looking at them today, over 40 years later, they seem very small.


Governor General Gates
The gates at the Governor-General’s residence or, as some call it, “Pete’s Place”.


Series Notes

I’m drawing my walking inspiration from Marion Stuart’s “Canberra’s Best Bush, Park & City Walks”, published by Woodslane Press Pty Ltd.  The book contains details of 49 walks of varying lengths and grades.


What are your thoughts?

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