Weekly photo challenge – Scale


Scale is always relevant.   Even in abstraction, the scale of one element of the image in relation to another directs the viewer’s attention.

Scale is one of the many techniques that photographers use to draw attention into and around an image.  This week, Scale is the Daily Press’ weekly photo challenge.

I was struck by the complicated simplicity of this random snap from my phone; “engaging” was how I described it.  It was one of the recent “no point of view” photos I took, just wandering around.  There’s not a lot of scale here to help the viewer, in the traditional sense.  But there is a dynamic between the sizes of the different areas of grey.  I think scale is the primary feature, which is then enlivened by the angles of the many lines.

I’ve been browsing some of Andreas Gursky’s images online (see the MOMA website) and the print size is overwhelming – 2.5 metres by 2 metres for example.  Apparently, the goal is for an image that can reveal it’s complexity as the viewer moves closer, yet be engaging enough to also hold the viewer’s attention at a distance.

I want to see what my random snap looks like “scaled up”?  I wonder if a 4MG image will survive in an A2- or A1-sized enlargement?


Absence of Scale


What are your thoughts?

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