Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself


Expressing yourself is the main aim of a personal blog.  This week, it’s also the theme of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge.

I try to stay upbeat in my contributions to the blogging world.  That’s why I removed the original post that contained these birds.  It wasn’t online for long.  This was back before I discovered how critical diet was to my mood.

The post seemed excessively sad.  There were no words.  I’d put the images in a slideshow in the order shown below.  I think that format just accentuated the sadness because you didn’t know what was coming next, and there was no happy resolution to the sequence.  You couldn’t run it backwards.


Crested 1

Crested 2

Crested 3

Crested 4

Crested 5

Crested 6

Crested 7

Crested 8

Crested 9

Crested 10


The sequence could be read as representing a floundering friendship that needed space apart to let ruffled feathers settle.

What actually happened is quite different.  It was a cold June morning in Canberra.  The crested pigeons were huddled together for warmth.  Then they heard the click of my camera shutter.  The space between the pair, and they were a couple, grows wider and wider with every photo.

It’s actually about protecting your loved one in a situation that seems unusual, unsafe, even threatening.

It’s just too easy to incorporate our feelings into our interpretation and end up with the wrong end of the stick.



3 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself”

  1. joy and ce Avatar
    joy and ce

    Pressed publish too soon? I read about a pro photographer who put photos away for six months. If he still liked them after not seeing them for so long he would keep them to sell. Before there was social media etc.


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      Things have changed, haven’t they. I wonder if he still does that or if he’s now caught up in the instantaneous of our digital world?


  2. ChristineR Avatar

    I like the way the pigeons keep an eye on both directions. We get these top-knots rarely, but just enough to remind me of their existence. When the cockatoos are feeding one stays on the p[ower line or in the tree, standing guard, keeping their fellows safe.


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