Still a bit anti-plastic – but …


The first cupboard is done.  Almost.  It was the place to start because it was the least disorganised.  A little win early is great motivation.

I say “almost” because there is some useful space not yet occupied.  It will be a while before I can buy the extra shelving that will make the top shelf fully functional.  The cupboard is one of those floor to ceiling constructions with only a normal-sized door, leaving a small cavern up high.

Space is critical to success in that you must leave some.  First, space allows air to circulate.  I’m trying to avoid musty and mouldy.  Second, it creates easy access to the contents.  I’ve decided that for some cupboards there will be no pulling things out to get other things out.  I say “some” because it is not feasible at the moment to create extra shelving the exact height of assorted storage boxes.

Everything should be easy to reach in the laundry cupboard.  Hence the tubs.  They just slide out like drawers, sitting as each one does on/in its own lid.  Related objects share a tub.  I’m feeling containerised.  Very modern.

I’m still a bit anti-plastic but, unfortunately, it only took one leaky bottle.  The other tipping point was finding three different types of drain cleaner.  In this state of enhanced Liveability, accessibility equals visibility.  I can’t rely on memory to remind me that I’ve got some somewhere.

My preference is still for beautiful boxes, shapely glass jars or decorative metal containers, and I intend to populate my home with as many as I need in the coming months.

However, this is the Year of Liveability.  If in some situations Liveability means plastic, then plastic it will be.

Now I just need to find new owners for the surplus drain cleaner!


Laundry shelf 2




What are your thoughts?

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