Walk number 19 – Australian National Botanic Gardens


I was obviously the first person to walk the Main Loop through the Botanic Gardens yesterday morning. Two overnight cobwebs crossed the path. Two overnight cobwebs tickled my face. The cobwebs weren’t the scary bit.

Some of the trees and bushes are so old they bear their tortured struggle on their surface and in their shape. I could stand and look at some of them for hours. The detail!

The 30 minute walk took an hour. I only had an hour. I didn’t realise it was pay parking and could only rustle up $3 in coin. I actually owe the Botanic Garden for 3 minutes. Clocked in at 8:27. Clocked out 9:30.


Botanic Garden 6
Rainforest walk


Botanic Garden 3
Callistemon citrinus – crimson bottlebrush – from the Myrtaceae family


Botanic Garden 2
Melaleuca cuticularis – from the Myrtaceae family


Botanic Garden 1
Melaleuca linariifolia – from the Myrtaceae famly


Botanic Garden 4
Xanthorrhoea glauca – grass tree – from the Xanthorrhoeaceae family


Botanic Garden 8
Casuarina glauca (prostrate form) – from the Casuarinaceae family


Botanic Garden 5
Acacia covenyi – blue bush – from the Mimosaceae family. This species is under threat.


Series Notes

I’m drawing my walking inspiration from Marion Stuart’s “Canberra’s Best Bush, Park & City Walks”, published by Woodslane Press Pty Ltd.  The book contains details of 49 walks of varying lengths and grades.   I selected the Botanic Gardens this weekend because it has been raining on and off quite heavily.  Aside from the formal path to keep the shoes clean, the colours of the wet bark are a sight in themselves.



One response to “Walk number 19 – Australian National Botanic Gardens”

  1. ChristineR Avatar

    Every morning on my walk I marvel at the ever-changing colours in the trees lining our service road. Gradually, they are all changing as they shed their bark. So many different textures happening.


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