Weekly photo challenge – Shadowed


Photography is a medium created by light.  Shadows are essential, yet not always obvious.  In a world that hinges on dichotomies and contrasts, knowing and understanding one side means first knowing and understanding its opposite.

For this WordPress Daily Post photographic challenge, the decision was between hunting down an image that stresses the shadow and all the connotations that go with a dark unknown, or an image that simply could not exist without its shadows.

Wandering through my home, I noted how the rising sun created these beautiful plays of light on a glass in my bathroom.  It is a sight that could not exist without its shadows, yet they are not the feature that first comes to mind.



The Set Up

Today’s set up was very, very simple.  I did not have to move the glass.  I selected the smallest F-stop on my fixed 50mm lens, F1.4, but kept the ISO at 100 to keep as much clarity as I could.  A quick dash to the car in my pajamas to get the tripod, and some tight cropping in the editing software to emphasis the patterns of shade.






What are your thoughts?

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