Walk Number 25 – Mt Majura’s Casuarina Track


Mt Majura is one of the tallest mountains in Canberra, and I’ve yet to reach the top.  We call it a mountain but it is only 888 metres, apparently.

The plan this morning was to wander the lower slopes, as I’ve often done in the past.  But in the light of recent writings on novelty and surprise, I decided to take a left turn up Casuarina Track.  I’d already walked some distance before this point, so decided not to venture too far.  There is much to get through today.  The walk is listed at 2 hours 30 minutes.  I really didn’t have the 4 hours to spare.

Nevertheless, I did find myself wanting to go further.  Next time!



Casuarina Track 4
My first close encounter with a kangaroo; rather surprising for both of us.



Casuarina Track 1
The path up the slope


Casuarina Track 3
They call them sticky everlasting daisies (Bracteantha viscosa)


Casuarina Track 2
Looking back down the slope


Casuarina Track 5
How I prefer my kangaroos – otherwise engaged and completely ignoring me


Thank you to Marion Stuart’s “Best Bush, Town and Village Walks in and around the ACT”, published by Woodslane Press Pty Ltd, for the name of the glorious yellow flowers that are bedazzling Mt Majura at the momemt.


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