Re-evaluating possibilities and creativity


A few weeks ago, I transferred to a new WordPress theme.  It was time to try a magazine style.  This was also an opportunity to re-evaluate my blog’s structure.

In this post, I’m looking at three categories that seem to be stagnating.  Today, it’s time to get objective about Possibilities, Creative Action and Creative Thinking.  Do they fit?  Should they stay?

What is a blogging category?

Within a blog, each post can be allocated to a category.  A category has the potential to become a story.  It is created for a reason; it evolves; it has high points and lows.  It might eventually end.

In this new magazine style, a lot of the formatting uses categories.  If I want to feature a series of posts on a topic, I must first create a category that will group them together.  This means that I can now set up and delete categories on a whim.  I create the story for the category rather than waiting for the category’s story to evolve over time.  It’s a new world.

What happened?

Looking back, a story hasn’t emerged from the either Possibilities, Creative Action or Creative Thinking; too random, with only some posts written in a way that links them to the blog’s aim.

Does random fit?

The overall theme for this blog is exploring.  There are two main avenues within that – Creativity and Change.  Anything remotely associated with either should belong.  Exploring is about finding possibilities in something new.  New is likely to be random when compared with the consistency of the status quo.

Creativity IS about exploring possibilities.  Random is necessary.

The result

The plan then is to amalgamate the three into one and delete any posts that seemed like a good idea at the time but just didn’t/don’t work.

Welcome to Creative Surprises.

Creative Surprises is a place for responses to things seen on TV documentaries, or read in interesting books, or that pop up on other blogs and websites … random things.

For example, it’s a place to respond to research into the relationship between photography and memory, or what changes might be stimulated from the pages of a new magazine, or how a lesson learnt in the pottery studio helps motivate progress on a new year’s resolution in the kitchen.






What are your thoughts?

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