Weekly photo challenge – Twinkle


It is born of light, but there must be pulse; otherwise it is just a glow, a highlight.  In an image, we can infer pulse.  It has pace.  Time can be slowed, as the breath settles.  Waves gently lap against the shore.  The staccato of seconds punctuates as the breath quickens.






The Set Up

These contrasting contributions to this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, Twinkle, were found in close up when light played across objects as I moved around the house.

“Waves” is simply a plastic envelope containing drawing paper.

“Staccato” is a ball of steel wool, as yet unused, enhanced by layering a slightly out of focus shot over one with greater clarity.





One response to “Weekly photo challenge – Twinkle”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    Nice interpretations for this weeks photo challenge. Thanks also for the set up information.


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