Weekly photo challenge – Converge


When I went looking this morning for a contribution to this Daily Post challenge, I looked with this quote from Ben in mind:

“What I like about geometrically-rich photos, though, is that they bring together distinct forms into one visual surface. Along the way, they also force the concrete and the abstract to converge: objects and landscapes are still themselves, yet already a little more (and a little less) than what I’d initially seen in them.”

This photo was taken from the upper deck of a tourist bus.  The plan, hastily prepared, was to take a photo directly to the side of the bus whenever it stopped.  No framing.  No thinking.  Just turn, focus, click; the contents of each shot dictated by the location of the bus when the brakes were fully engaged.


Convergence Upperdeck 18


The Daily Press challenge has encouraged me to look with a fresh eye.  I now see in this shot the converging lines directing our attention to the patrons in the cafe, who are themselves gathering, converging, in one place.

Previously, I had seen it only in terms of planes – the solid white support poles occupying the foreground and the glass wall in the background.

This meaningful flattening of perspective was unexpected.  The last time I put some thought into a photo about converging lines, the aim was instead to install perspective into what is essentially a two-dimensional object, a bit of flat paper.


Railway Bridge 1


When responding to a challenge …  sometimes, our intention is to restore the status quo; sometimes, to change the status quo.  And sometimes, if we’ve a mind to, ideas converge in a way that opens up surprisingly wonderful opportunities we would never have otherwise dreamed possible.


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One response to “Weekly photo challenge – Converge”

  1. Andrew Petcher Avatar

    Nice interpretation – I like it!


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