Old Railway Line Debris


On recent drive in southern NSW, just north of Junee, I came across debris from the old railway line neatly piled along the road’s edge.  The proximity to the road implies they are waiting to be collected.  They seem to have been here for a while.



2 Sleeper debris


3 Metal debris


5 Sleeper debris


4 Metal debris


Debris collage


Series Notes

Explorers of old often stood in a place of transition between the known and unknown; that is, between where they had just been and where they were heading.

In this photographic series, the Road’s Edge is a symbolic point between two worlds.  A myriad of topics reside in these places of transition, these places of boundary.  The series has become a great way for me to explore.

Technical Details

I’m finally coming to grips with depth of field and its relationship to image sharpness.  These photos were taken with my 18-55mm lens.  It’s optimum f-stop is f/11.

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♦  Some notes about my travails with depth of field can be found in Being Objective About One’s Equipment.

♦  An earlier example of where I failed to manage depth of field is in a Gundagai Bridge post.  It was overcast.  I caught a break in the rain, but I couldn’t be bothered to get the tripod out.  I will learn that effort bring its rewards!


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