Weekly photo challenge – Dreamy


The Daily Press photo challenge this week is Dreamy and, of course, I went looking for shots of mist and cloud. I stumbled upon this instead.

The delight associated with this state of being can only occur in counterpoint; when something else seems in comparison as unnecessarily stark or bleak or mundane.

I had this experience a few months ago, but in reverse. Weighed down by the fog through which I drove while struggling up a steep hill, “dreamy” occurred when my little car burst forth into the sunlight above. Gibraltor Falls was high enough in the mountains to sit above the winter fog that engulfed Canberra that morning.

Dreamy can also occur sitting at one’s laptop processing the shots taken earlier. The image I’ve selected for today’s post is just such an example.

I noticed the birds in the field when I was wandering along Old Wells Station Road and turned my camera in that direction. I could see their heads bobbing up and down in the distance. I took a couple of shots but not with a telephoto lens and not with a tripod.

Before Cropping


Back home on the laptop, I cropped one of the photos quite severely and found delight in a small patch of field and smiled. It’s not a perfect composition, but dreamy isn’t ever perfect?

Instead, it’s a little patch of motivation amid the ordinary and familiar.


Field of Birds




What are your thoughts?

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