Weekly photo challenge – Between


Have you ever taken much notice of space? Not the black stuff between the stars, although that is fun. I’m thinking about the space between all the stuff around us.

For the Between photographic challenge this week from WordPress’ Daily Post, I browsed my photo archives and settled upon this image of a magpie’s nest under construction.

Note how closely packed the twigs of the nest in comparison with the spacing of the branches. Of course, by the time it was finished there was no space; so tightly packed to protect the precious egg.

It reminded me of how we arrange our spaces. The private so densely packed when compared with the public spaces we wander through. The need for cosy. The cave mentality. (It’s cold and windy here today).

The between of the private world is smaller than that of our public persona.


One might ponder all manner of psychobabble – the need for the cosy, for example – but it’s really very simple.

Space costs money. The between has a dollar value.

Unless you’re a magpie.


Magpie nest under construction.

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3 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Between”

  1. ChristineR Avatar

    Cherrie, a very thoughful post to go with the lovely photo.


  2. denisebushphoto Avatar

    Very cool … becomes like a Franz Kline painting.


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      Hi Denise

      Slighly embarassed that I had to look up Franz Kline, and very glad you mentioned it. I love what I found. I noted that recent writings about his work focus on the architectural, which is probably why I’m feeling drawn to the pieces I’ve now seen online.

      Thank you.


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