Weekly photo challenge – Extra, Extra … Extra


In photography, there should be no rules. At least, none that can’t be broken when the mood takes.

When looking at this photo again with the WordPress weekly theme of “Extra, Extra” in mind, I see something that the rules hide from me.

The three magpies are my extras in this hazy, through-the-windscreen landscape. They blend with the urban backdrop, making this image a representation of the way this species has made itself so very at home in our towns and suburbs.

I probably wouldn’t have got that if I’d followed the rules.  In theory, I should reduce the depth of field to make the birds stand out, crisply in focus against a blurred background. Rules often lead me to dismiss a photograph I’ve taken. In this case, the camera settings I’d not chosen were not the best for the situation.

But, truth be told, I was drawn to my Little Lumix camera on that windy, rainy day by something rather prosaic, less subtle …

I couldn’t believe how evenly they’d spaced themselves across the top of the Gundagai sign.


Landscape with three magpies


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2 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Extra, Extra … Extra”

  1. ChristineR Avatar

    I prefer this one to the bridge photos. It makes one work the eyes. 🙂


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      Yep. So many of the rules of photographic composition are designed to help the viewer navigate into and around the subject. This photo does make us work a bit harder.


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