A New Challenge – Layering


My first attempt at playing with digital opacity and layering …

This was a close-to-home field trip to the Canberra Glassworks for coffee with a friend. I slipped the Little Lumix into my top pocket, just in case.

We watched in fascination as the artists worked their alchemy. Coloured glass is layered with clear to create luminosity and pattern. I snapped a few images, not sure what I’d do with them.


Kiln s




Today, I looked at the results and decided to finally try my hand at layering.

This is a blend of the old and the new; exactly what the Canberra Glassworks is about. There is the inner roof of the former brick kiln and an old window. Sandwiched between these is the white heat of the new kiln and a work of glass in progress.


Glassworks Layering





What are your thoughts?

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