Weekly photo challenge – Reflection


Reflection is the challenge topic this week from WordPress’ Daily Post.  Early thoughts turned to shiny objects and still water.  These make for interesting photos but are not the things or places that trigger in me moments of personal reflection.

Before there can be reflection there must be immersion, and I usually walk quickly past reflective surfaces in case the view today is too alarming.

My challenge contribution is not the outcome of reflection or even the trigger for a reflective moment.

Instead, my contribution is about the process of reflection.

I walk past these protruding lumps of metal on my way to work, every day.  They were once traffic bollards on the edge of a pedestrian area.  A handful were cut off, probably years ago.  I didn’t give them much thought.

One day, when the light was right, when I stepped over one rather than around it, and I looked down …

I noticed something that had been there all along.  I saw the potential for strong and interesting images.




We are surrounded by information and insight but, until the conditions are just right, we probably won’t notice.

The question then is … do we float along in our little world until life catches up with us, or do we actively look for insights that will make a difference?

Do we avoid and ignore; or immerse and reflect?

The Set Up

A tripod is an excellent addition to one’s photographic gear.  The effort it takes to set up slows me down.  The creative brain then has time to navigate the technical stuff.

Perhaps it also helped that it was a Sunday morning, with no-one around.  I didn’t feel self-conscious – what would people think!  … strange old lady taking photos of dirt instead of scenery.



2 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Reflection”

  1. Susan B Raven Avatar

    I’d have thought, there’s somebody I can relate to!


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      Thanks Susan. It’s nice to know there are some like minds out there.


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