Weekly photo challenge – Juxtaposition


Juxtaposition is the theme of the weekly photo challenge on WordPress.  Given how much I enjoy the buzz of finding weird and wacky comparisons and contrasts, I was surprised to find so few in my digital photo archive.

I was struck by a couple of strong juxtapositions during a recent trip to Sydney, where large plastic installations had been placed next to some larger city landmarks, recently blogged in Sydney on a Thursday Evening.

Opera House 2

Stonehenge 1


And there was a series of home-made juxtapositions to illustrate a short series on how creative insight bursts forth, culminating with this image to represent the unexpected.



But for the Australia Day long weekend, which ends today, perhaps this from a trip to Perth a few years ago.  The tall ship (name unknown) is apparently privately owned and was moored beyond our reach, behind a fence topped with razor wire.

Razor Wire


Juxtapositions are a delight when they pop up unexpectedly.  They are also worth pursuing.  I was re-watching Tod Sampson’s Redesign My Brain on the weekend and was reminded that our brains benefit from finding connections between initially unrelated items.

Time to actively push some boundaries.




What are your thoughts?

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