Upper Deck


“Upper Deck” is a series of photos taken on a recent trip to Melbourne. We started our visit with 90 minutes of guided sightseeing to get an overview of what’s available, to get a visual taste of Melbourne. Once on the bus, I was struck (almost physically) by the close proximity of things I’d only ever seen at a distance from ground level.

There were no side windows on the upper deck. Given how much of life we view through a framed screen of some sort, this unadulterated view was an experience worth remembering.

I wondered if a photo each time the bus stopped might make an interesting series. It’s not the full tour because it was a few blocks before the idea turned up and then we got off before the end. I haven’t edited the photos in any way, so sometimes the horizontal isn’t perfectly horizontal.

Rules:  Keep the same camera settings for each shot. When the bus stops, point the camera towards one side of the bus, allow the auto focus to do it’s thing and click the shutter.

Remember, this was a tourist sightseeing bus. The results aren’t typically tourist-style images. Instead, the process seems to have found the city that hides between the landmarks.

There is even a dinosaur.



This was one of those occasions where you can enjoy travelling with a camera but still experience the experience without the camera getting in the way.

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