Seasonal solutions to a year-round problem


I began the year with the aim of getting active.  This seemed a reasonable follow-on from successful changes to my eating habits last year.  Arriving at work with toasted sandwich in one hand and hot coffee in the other, I happily set them down for five minutes while I tackled some stairs as part of my get fit regime.

All was going well until the cold blast of Winter.  The outside temperature started dropping and the chill factor picked up.  The south wind crossed snowfields before blasting through my streets.  Arriving at work with sandwich and coffee, the last thing I could muster was motivation to hit the stairs.  First order of business was getting warm.  Paradoxically, (or ironically?) hitting the stairs would have achieved this.

As Winter progressed, activity regressed.  It turns out Winter is truly the season of hibernation.

In September, the sunshine burst forth and the days warmed.  I couldn’t get on the bike quick enough.

In September, the spring buds burst and hayfever fevered.  Arriving at work with sandwich and coffee in one hand and tissues in the other, the last thing I could muster was motivation to hit the stairs.

And that’s when it occurred to me that my Year of Sweat might require seasonal responses.

The name was assigned during the height of Summer heat.  It was chosen because I believed a change of attitude to sweat was all I needed.  So I came up with some mind games to get me moving, and they seemed to be working.

Autumn was brilliant, but Autumn is a benign season.  I don’t think it’s a valid benchmark against which to measure the success of my strategy.

Winter was bogged, and Spring doesn’t seem much better.

New motivational games are required, different for each season.

Excuse me while I blow my nose again.

Seasonal Header 1


What are your thoughts?

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