Bubbling creativity


Some people are easily distracted.  Mid sentence, the topic shifts.  Something new has come into view.  A song obstructs the train of thought.  Creative insight might thrive on unexpected connections, but it is hampered by distractions.

This post is another in a short series capturing key points from a recent documentary that I saw but my Mum missed.  So far, we’ve covered where in the brain insight occurs (the right hemisphere) and why (because it contains a bigger play pen from which additional information can be harnessed).

This brings us to the question of How?

This brings us to “brain blinking”.

With all the gizmos scientists have to track what happens inside our heads, they’ve noticed that a burst of creative insight is preceded by a burst of alpha waves (whatever they are).  The waves hit in the back of the brain and shut down part of the visual cortex.  The brain blinks.  Ideas bubble up (that’s how the documentary described it) when distractions from the outside world have been cut off.

Today’s photo play was a lot of fun to build.  This little series of posts has been an opportunity for me to learn how to create digital photo collages.  For today, my stock photos were no help.  A special trip to a nearby fountain was required.


Bubbling 1


I’m not sure how long a brain blink lasts, but I suspect it might be wise to take care where we let such things happen.


The documentary I mentioned was Horizon’s “The Creative Brain: How Insight Works”, broadcast recently on SBS.

What are your thoughts?

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