Weekly photo challenge – Negative Space


In a bid to avoid reading highly technical papers for an assignment, I resorted to some visual distraction in the form of the dPS weekly challenge.  This week, it is Negative Space.

Thinking about negative space was my preoccupation during the Simplicity challenge.  In contrast, today, I was not the least bit interested in technique or set up or exploring theory.

Instead, I was drawn to the spaces between items on my pin board.  As the pin board is dusty and dirty, I was happy to set the ISO at 1600, the focus length at 1.4, and let the auto focus point fall on the negative space between the items.  I wanted gritty and I got gritty.

The pie chart includes a slice called Shame.  Perhaps that’s what the steady gaze of the face pinned next to it is seeking to achieve!

Given that my focus is supposed to be elsewhere, perhaps this negative space is directing my attention back to the tasks of the day.


Negative line







What are your thoughts?

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