Weekly photo challenge – Yellow


The dPS challenge for this week is Yellow, following on from its post about bold colours.  Bold colours got me thinking about my Kodachrome slides sitting at the bottom of an archive box marked “Photos”.

Kodachrome film was introduced in 1935 and was the first step in making colour photography commercially viable.  Kodachrome enabled the development of a colour image in only one exposure because it precisely superimposed three images in yellow, magenta and cyan onto the one emulsion.

We called them slides, but they are also commonly referred to as transparencies or colour positive film.

Without the appropriate gear, one could only see the image by carefully holding them up to the light, making sure to not touch the emulsion.

With the appropriate gear, these small 35mm images could blaze large across a white wall with all the family able to view and discuss at the same time.

This little slide is from my high school days, back in the 1970s!





Gilles Mora’s Photo Speak: A guide to the ideas, movements and techniques of photography, 1839 to present, p71-21




What are your thoughts?

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