Wombat Road

Wombat House 1::

The Road’s Edge series prompts thoughts on all manner of topics, including the road itself.

In this Road’s Edge image, I feel there is a disconnection that belies the close proximity of the building to the road.  There is the obvious old versus new.  Plus the building appears to be made of the earth it sits upon, whereas the road has been overlaid with a layer of bitumen.  And it was impossible to get the white line and the roof line to both run parallel with the image’s edge.


Wombat House 3


Wombat House 4


Wombat House 2


Road upgrades are a constant thing.  Some are forced upon us by torrential rain and flooding that punctuates or washes away the road surface.  Some are forced upon us by past design that is now considered unsuitable for today’s road transport.

There all manner of considerations when deciding where to place a road.  Try searching on road design in your favourite search engine.  It’s an amazing world of engineering and regulation, and that’s before embarking on community consultation, with all its different opinions, and deciding whether you can afford this path or that.  You’ll never look at the Stop/Slow roadwork sign in the same way again.

This building sits alongside Wombat Road, which has likely been upgraded a number of times, the latest resulting in the neat white edge.

I’m starting to feel that the building is the wombat, just hanging in there, stubbonly.





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