Autumn Leaves Detail

Sweating over autumn leaves


It’s a fine autumn day, in tone at least though not according to the date, and the leaves are falling.  For the first time, with thanks to the Year of Sweat, I actually enjoy sweeping them up.  The stride of the broom is longer and stronger, thanks to my new found strength.

Leaves 1I noted that my neighbour has electrified his approach to autumn leaves.  Out came the leaf blower, then the lawn mower.

While I swept and scooped and squashed, manually, these crisp goldens into my green bins, he roared across the pile, again and again, with his lawn mower to break them up.  While I burnt calories and grew still stronger, he just used up electricity … unnecessarily?

Each season should contain experiences shared with no other season of the year.

Autumn is marked by our approach to falling leaves.


Leaves 2




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