Weekly Challenge – Line

Line Study   1


Digital Photography School puts out regular challenges.  The theme this week is “Line”.  This is the first time I’ve joined in, and it turns out to be a great way to start a weekend.  But there’s usually a lot to do, so I’ve decided the challenge has to be completed quickly – an hour at most.  That seems to be adding to the fun.  As the week rolls on, I’m sure ideas about the use of line in images will bubble and perculate and show up in future images.

To fit with my theme of exploring, I’m happy to demonstrate my beginner status in this world of digital photography.

The process started with the filmic equivalent of the establishing shot – a long shot in which to review the scope of what’s in front of me.  I then grabbed a chair and checked out a higher vantage point.

Finding Line 1    Finding Line 2

The result wasn’t very interesting, so I went lower.  Getting down to the ground is much easier these days after so much exercising.  Thankfully, no one saw me trying to get up – arms and legs flapping in every direction while I tried to avoid dropping the camera.

While on the ground, I remembered to set the Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) and then remembered to think about focal length.  Increased the ISO to 800 to ensure I could get increased depth of field in this shade.

::      Finding Line 5   ::   Finding Line 4  ::   Finding Line 3     ::

Twenty shots come up quick with the AEB turn on.  Inside to the laptop, photos downloaded and then comes the next fun bit – scrolling through the contact sheet to see if any draw my eye.  This I learnt from a TV documentary about a fabulous architecture photographer who was happy to share his process but who’s name I cannot remember.

Today, two images seemed better than the others.  The first of the two opened this post, while the second is shown below.

I cropped them using the aspect restriction function in Photoshop which helps me keep to those predefined ratios to which our eyes are now so accustomed.

Which do you think says something about “Line”?  Or perhaps neither?


Line Study  1


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2 responses to “Weekly Challenge – Line”

  1. Annette Gendler Avatar

    How about photographing the fence head on?


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      Annette, I’ve interpreted “head on” as running the fence parallel with the picture plane in my camera. Is that what you had in mind? That type of viewpoint emphasises the two-dimensionality of line, but for this spot I thought it made a less than captivating photo. There’s another spot on my fence line where I think that two-dimensionality is interesting. The yard next door is very overgrown. In that spot, the flattening effect of a head on shot works for me. (I don’t know how to add images to comments, so I’ve put in a link instead).


      Thanks for the suggestion.


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