Sweat Cards: How to start a successful exercise regime?

Australia is gripped by a heatwave beyond memory that has been linked to climate change, and I’m writing a post about a game to increase opportunities to sweat!!  Could I be so insensitive.

Actually, the idea is not as trivial as it first appears.

Before the heatwave hit, I was building ideas for my little pack of sweat cards.  This deck of suits and numbers is intended as the launch platform for my 2013 Year of Sweat.  The first suit – Spades, because of the practical nature of the activities – involves ramping up the physicality of existing tasks, being careful not to put life, limb and furniture at risk.

Why is this not trivial?

There has been an increase in electrical gadgets – again!  I don’t normally use exclamations marks in my writing, but this seems worth it.  Did you see the TV ad for the wifi’ed recipe collection that also lets you watch celebrity chefs do their stuff, all on a tiny tiny screen that sits on your kitchen counter?!!  And since when do we need electricity to do the dusting?!!

It boils down to this … using electricity to quickly complete home maintenance tasks so you can sit by the pool or in front of the TV is an unproductive use of power.  That power could have been used for something way more important.

I got into a bad habit of taking the car through the car wash.  In the Year of Sweat, it is back to washing it myself, by hand.  So this morning, before the strength of the Australian heatwave made wandering outside dangerous, I got the bucket out and washed the car, by hand.

What have you electrified unnecessarily?

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What are your thoughts?

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