Bottled water

Bottled water is one area of inefficiency that is well within my grasp to remedy.  After a prompt in a recent magazine article pointing out – again – just how inefficient bottled water is, it was time to take some action – again.  I’ve tried various drinking flasks, but none were satisfactory.

I have been inefficiently trying to deal with an inefficiency.

As my Year of Efficient Eating draws to a close, I’ve already started thinking about 2013.  But 2012 is not over.  I must not give up just yet.

Last week, I came across a stainless steel water flask that I can try.  I shall declare now:  “No more bottled water”.

I was very surprised to find out just how bad bottled water is for the environment.  How scary is this:  “Australia’s love affair with bottled water is costing the planet 314,000 barrels of oil a year.”  It’s from a 2007 article in the The Age newspaper.

Thankfully, there is hope.  “Bundanoon votes to ban bottled water”.  That was in 2009.  I wonder if the ban is still going.

After years of drinking out of a 2cm wide bottle top, adjusting to the over 4cm rim of the flask is interesting.  A few embarrassing overflows.

Now I’m looking for a stainless steel drinking straw.

Water Flasks


The Age newspaper article about bottled water:

The SMH newspaper article about Bundanoon:




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