Clarrie Hermes Drive

I feel the need to plant a tree.

The Road’s Edge series began on a drive from Canberra to Parkes in central NSW.  I had stopped and photographed interesting scenes before, but on that occasion I was struck by the sensation of standing on the edge of the road.  The location seemed heavily imbued with so many of life’s challenges and society’s problems; perhaps even some solutions.  The image before me on that occasion was a burnt-out field with two large, battered, galvanised iron silos or tanks near the fence line.  It spoke volumes?

This is the sixth in the Road’s Edge series, and I am continually learning.  The shots below demonstrate the importance of framing.  There are many places along the road’s edge where one can stand.  In the first image, there are three red structures.  These shield young saplings that were planted after the new road was built.  One might think we are keeping pace with the re-vegetation of our little world if comparing the new saplings with the number of dead or dying trees in the background

But the second image depicts a different story.  Just a few paces along, the pattern changes.  One red sapling tries to compensate for at least four lost trees.

For additional photos from Clarrie Hermes Drive, click here to see the Slideshow.

What are your thoughts?

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