Efficient Eating – Information Sources

Who to believe?  So much information!  And not all of it agrees.  I’ve heard the complaints – “They say this is good for us, and then they change their mind”.

In the face of inconsistency, I will keep reminding myself that anything science-y is a movable feast.  For as long as researchers keep researching, there is hope for clearer and more detailed understandings of the world we live in.  Sometimes, that precious new piece of information makes us look at an old problem completely differently.

I’d be more worried if no-one was looking for better ways of doing things.

To keep a bit of sanity, I will start with some top-notch websites that I trust. 

  • After a few years plugging away at search engines looking for health information, I’m already aware of the Victorian Government’s Better Health factsheets.  The factsheets have served me well in the past.  I’m pleased to see there are some about food.


  • Growing up in rural NSW on a wheat/sheep farm in the 60s, I grew up with CSIRO as the premier research organisation in Australia.  I’ve heard it’s had some ups and downs since then, as have most government-associated organisations.  But the Total Wellbeing stuff put out recently seems to be based on some decent research.  Even though it is geared for weight loss, it also provides some useful information that I can probably use.


  • Living in Canberra, I sometimes drive past the Australian Institute of Sport.  Diet is a critical part of an athlete’s training.  I’m no athlete, but there may be useful information on its website.


  • Finally, National Health and Medical Research Council who, not surprisingly, also include some information on nutrition that may be useful.


I work for a government department, so it’s probably not surprising that I trust government websites over other sites.  I know how much work goes on in the background.  I’ll use these as a starting point and see how things go.  I can always branch out later if I feel anything is not sufficiently covered or if I find inconsistency in the messages.

At the end of the day, it will be about what works for me in the context of what I can afford.