12:32 on a Saturday

12:32 on Saturday

For a couple of years, I enjoyed fun little photo projects that involved creating a themed image each weekend.

In 2019, the idea was to take a photo of whatever I was doing at 12:32pm each Saturday. The result was posted to my (then) Facebook account.

It took a few weeks to settle into a consistent format. Photos were square to accommodate the Facebook post format. Not too big. Not too small. Not too close to the subject.

Some weeks, I was surprised when the alarm went off. Other weeks, there was some speculation on where I’d be at 12:32. One week, I was too sick to bother getting out of bed.

Rules: Set alarm for 12:32pm, on repeat for every Saturday. Stop what I’m doing and find an interesting image that tells the story of what is happening.

Project Duration:

48 weeks in 2019